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Friday, August 1, 2014


I'm always saying that everyone has a good story to tell.  But the difference between a captivating story - one that pulls the heart strings and makes you feel something - is far removed from a well written tale.  What is the magic ingredient that separates the two? Ego.  If you are writing to impress, change the world or show-off how clever you are, the story will not land.  Conversely, if you write from the heart, from feelings that are real and genuine, the reader will pick up on it and feel those things too.  
So next time you write, check in with yourself.  Ask some questions.  Am I writing this to be clever and funny?  Or am I writing this because I'm trying to discover an answer in life that is eluding me?  When we search for answers, we are being authentic.  We are connecting to the human experience.  And consequently, we write things that people understand, believe and can relate to.  Go forth!  Write without ego and see the difference in your work.

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