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Thursday, March 31, 2016


Several of my students are getting 'frozen' with their books.  Some call it writer's block, some say they don't know how to move forward or edit the next draft.  I say it's your EGO killing your book.  In a world obsessed with fame, everyone is very concerned with how well their books will do.  So when you are writing a book, you can't help but want it to be brilliant.  You can't help but want it to be a best seller and win the Pulitzer.  But those kind of thoughts are ruining you as a writer.  Writers write to tell a story.  A story that lives within you and can only be told by you.  You should never be writing a book to become rich or get interviewed by Oprah - you should be writing a book because you want to share your tale.  So on your next draft, just write the book the way it needs to be written and let go of its brilliance.  You may have several more drafts before it gets anywhere close to being brilliant and that's pretty normal.  Write as if only you are ever going to see it.  It will change the way you write.  It will stop you trying to be 'fancy' and 'literary' and just write the pure story - which is always more powerful.

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