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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I just had the pleasure of teaching 2 classes at UCLA Extension's wonderful Writers' Program and here are some of the lovely comments I received.  I couldn't be more thrilled with the novels that were produced in these two classes.   Congratulations to my fantastic students - I'm so proud!

'Tempany's strategy really broke down the whole process into doable parts. You know that feeling when you're in someones presence who really knows their stuff? That's how I felt about Tempany when it came to not only writing, but people in general. She seemed to so clearly comprehend what's going on in every story, and (maybe more importantly) where the story needed to go, because she understands how people work.'    Anna

'Writing my first novel in Tempany's class has been a life-changing, miraculous, fun experience.' Leah

'This has seriously been one of the best writing experiences I've EVER had, especially in a class.' Rachelle

'This was probably the best bit of education I have ever received, which, in the long career of education that I have had, is something that isn’t said very lightly.' Jacob